Monday, January 28, 2013

A less fortunate cookie

Starting February 1st my posts are going to feature components of a Valentine's Day themed care package I'm in the process of assembling.  However, this is one project initially intended for inclusion but it just looks too weird to include.  I saw directions to make these felt fortune cookies from Martha Stewart.  I committed a big crafting no-no - I tried to make it from memory.  I got half of the project right.  I used tacky glue and floral ribbon.  Here is where my memory failed me.  Instead of using the 4.5" circle, mine was 3".  The original project didn't specify what type of ribbon (it only said use a matching ribbon) and I used grosgrain for my project.  Even with using the wrong sized circle and a stiff type of ribbon I ended up with something that does sort of resemble a fortune cookie.  However, unlike Martha's I cannot fit anything but a small slip of paper inside.  She shows chocolate kisses in hers.  There is no way that's fitting in the one I made!  I think this project will be a reminder to check the directions when doing a project and not relying on memory.

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