Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Usually when the word clutch is used, it is in reference to a person's actions being exceedingly timely. The title of this post does not refer to that much more recent adaptation of the word. Rather. I am using it like a manual transmission on a car uses a clutch; to change from one gear to another. Summer is winding down. Goldenrod is everywhere. Pumpkins appeared at the farm stand. Pencils, composition books, and deer-in-headlights college students have appeared in my part of CNY. That means I will be returning to work soon. Summer 2014 has been wonderful. I went on a few trips. Campfires and the requisite s'mores were consumed. The house is more organized. Beer was enjoyed with friends. Sleep was on my bio rhythm. This week has been filled with a mostly successful effort to get back to my work sleeping schedule, getting food in the freezer for quick meals, and doing every last little drop of laundry. In less than one month it will be officially autumn. Let the pumpkin onslaught begin!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

It gets easier...

Building on the theme of donating unused items, eliminating clutter, etc. I offer today's post.  I will have a few hours of really good "get-rid-of-it" momentum.  Then **BAM** something comes along and derails my train.  What I have learned is that as I get rid of more items I don't need/use anymore it gets easier to get rid of future items.  There is another truckload of things I am ready to drop off.  However, nature has decided it has to stay in my possession just a little longer.  A thunderstorm just rolled in.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Leave it behind

A recent trip to my parents' house yielded lots of laughter, good food, and time with family.  It also gave me more bins of my accumulated stuff.  These bins were my decoration stuff from college.  As I dug through the layers it brought back memories.  I found a picture of the girls I shared a house with during my first year of grad school.  They were lovely people to live with.  And I never spoke to them after I graduated.  What did I do with the picture?  I tossed it.  No hard feelings, I just don't need to keep it.  I found textbooks, papers, and handouts.  All carefully put away to use "someday".  Well it's been almost 10 years and no occasion has arisen where I needed these papers.  They joined the picture in the circular file.  There were some decorative items - light strings, picture frames, wall decor.  None of it fits my current life.  They were added to the donation bag.  I did come across family pictures.  Those are on display.  The only "souvenirs" from college I want to keep are my college boyfriend (I married him!) and my diploma.  There was a time when I held onto everything.  I mean everything.  When I began the moving out process from my parents' house I found notes written during 8th grade to various friends.  The "I'm bored in class" notes that every person writes, passes, and reads instead of actually paying attention.  Seriously, why did I hold onto them?  Those got tossed.  It goes to show how pack-rattish I can be.  The past few weeks have been full of purging.  Thrift stores, book sales, and neighbors are some of the recipients of my accumulated stuff.  There is more to sort through.  A smidge stays.  Most of it goes.  Tomorrow is another opportunity to keep what matters and get rid of the rest.