Saturday, November 15, 2014

Real life

When I was 17 I dreamed of the future.  In it I was going to parties, wining and dining, traveling every other weekend.  My reality now?  Parties happen about twice a year.  I barely drink anymore.  Eating out is a rarity.  Having a job really cuts into the ability to travel far and wide.  Now my Saturday nights are feet up, pajamas on, and writing a blog post.  Is it glamorous?  Nah.  Is it satisfying?  Yes. 

Once upon a time I knew someone who said "Satisfaction is the end of desire."  I took that advice to heart.  And I shouldn't have.  My fear of being "satisfied" caused more problems than it ever solved.  I am content now in where I have landed.  Is it that place I envisioned as a 17 year old?  No, it is somewhere better. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Breaking Bread

This weekend was a prolific one.  I was feeling the need to create a cozy house.  Blame it on Friday's snow, boredom, whatever.  The end result was lots of baked goods in my house.  Saturday yielded three loaves of bread (one cheddar bacon, two pumpkin egg braid).  Sunday produced a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, sub rolls, beef roast, lentil white bean soup, and meatballs.  Verdict?  The dinner menus are going to be quite good this week!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Say what you will about the Duggar Family, they have my admiration.  Do I have a different opinion on certain topics (dating, kissing, faith)?  Yes.  Does that mean I don't like them?  Nope.  I have nothing but respect for people who will stand up for their beliefs and hold fast to them.  They have the courage of their convictions.  Wishy washy, spineless, will-of-the-wisp, fair weather folks... No use for them.  We need more people who say "This is my position on this topic."  Having a position does not mean you are prejudiced.  Does it mean you have a bias?  Yes.  And there is nothing wrong with having a bias.  It becomes a problem when the bias becomes a basis for interactions with others.  So keep on doing what you do Duggar family.  It encourages the rest of us to stand up for what we believe and do so with confidence.